Oorja: Home Automation System, Android Material Design
oorja: home automation
Quiktrip: Travel App Concept, Android Material Design
quiktrip: travel app
Aarogya: Family Health App, Android Material Design
aarogya: family health app
Information Visualization: Real Time Earthquakes
seismoview: earthquake viz.
Motion Graphics, Animation
motion graphics & animation
Web Design, Development
web experiments
illustrator, photoshop, after effects sketch marvel html, css, javascript

also including but not limited to

using pen and paper | laughing at my own jokes | flying kites | cooking
about me..

Hi! I'm Nakul,

Interaction designer, creative developer, motion graphics hobbyist and science enthusiast from Bengaluru, India. As a UX designer, I love dealing with task complexities, cracking convoluted user flows and simplifying solutions. Apart from making things look neat.

After completing my undergrad in 2011 with a degree in Petroleum Engineering from ISM, Dhanbad, I started as a support engineer at a software firm. I soon quit the exceptionally mundane job to join an early stage start-up as a front end developer. Here I taught myself Javascript, started tinkering with HTML and CSS and also developed a passion for design. Quit the job soon after to pursue a masters in interaction design at the National Institute Of Design. During my course I worked at Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad and Practo, Bengaluru as a design intern.

When I'm free I like to move things, through code or After Effects. I listen to music, watch anime, sketch, catch up on science and drum whenever I am around a kit. And yeah, daydream! I've recently started reading up on cars as well. I mean the 507 is obviously the best looking BMW.